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First thing in the morning after washing my face, Mayumi’ s Golden Serum. Love it! Don’t have to check the ingredients because I trust Mayumi, she cares about my skin. Only good stuff is there. Thank you Mayumi !


Although I'd been going to Mayumi for her incredible facials for the past five years, I didn't try any of her products until a couple of years ago. And there's NO going back. Mayumi's Golden Serum, along with her Radiance Cream (Rose Geranium Frankincense is my favorite!), have improved the texture of my skin significantly. Most importantly, I leaRead more about review stating Simple yet effective skin care at its best!

Mary. L

My friend recommended Mayumi's skin care products and I love this cream. It feels a bit rich on the face to begin with but as I massage my face the cream goes down underneath the skin and a few minutes later my skin is very smooth and resilient! My skin looks mush healthier since using this cream. Love it!

Sachiko. E

Anti-aging serum

The serum contains very powerful
vitamin C + great oils and hyaluronic acid that helps firming , toning skin, brightens skin tone, softens fine lines. This serum will keep your
skin supple and moist throughout a day. 2oz, $65.

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Radiance cream

For dry skin. This cream is also great for sensitive skin. Heaviest cream. This cream help healing of dry, cracked, flaky skin. It is anti-aging cream by reducing stress. This cream can be used for skin with eczema and atopic dermatitis. This cream is Calendula base, Calendula promote healing of skin, reduce inflammation and puffiness. Rose geranium helps with your stress, irritability, and imbalance. Frankincense can be used as antiseptic, boosts immune system, helps cells for anti-aging, and reduce stress.  This cream calms you down and heals the skin.  1oz, $30

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Nourishing oil

Mayumi has created a great nourishing oil that not only assists nourishing and adding moisture without a greasy feeling. It also helps with healing skin at the same time. This oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, great for after shaving, before and after waxing and sore skin areas.    2oz, $30

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About Mayumi

Mayumi Pachkoski
Mayumi has built her professional reputation with integrity centered anti-aging holistic approach to skin facial care in Timonium, Towson, and Baltimore area in Maryland.
Mayumi has been in the beauty industry for almost four decades in the United States (U.S.). She trained in
aesthetics in the U.S. and has taught it at one of the best renowned skin care school in the U.S.

Mayumi, born and raised in Japan, has effectively combined the best of the Asian and western skin care. She incorporated energy healing modalities in her work and developed her own unique style of skin care.

Mayumi wanted to create specific and customized products for her clients, and she started developing her own skin care line. Mayumi was lucky to have been introduced to the owner of Certified Organic Farm who was eager to help her with this plan. In 2017, Mayumi’s organic skin care line was born.

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